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Grassland Management & Soil Signals with Luppo Diepenbroek

Luppo has been an advocate for improving agricultural grassland management for the past 30+ years. Core to his belief is that pasture containing grasses, herbs and legumes are the natural diet of cattle and sheep but very few animals are raised exclusively on pasture today.

Luppo has translated, co-authored and edited a number of books on Soil and Grassland management written in an practical and meaningful way. He also facilitates groups and provides one-on-one on-farm consultancy services to provide guidance and support for Change Management.

  • Soil Health

    Improve resilience during adverse conditions.

  • Grassland Improvement

    Growing grass for increased productivity, better utilisation and longer during the season making savings on forage costs.

  • Animal Productivity

    Optimising nutrition economically to produce the best end results.

  • Increased Profitability

    Helping to design systems that aid farm profitability using your Soil, Grassland and Animals.

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