Farmer’s references

Hamish Bengough (Axminster):

“Luppo’s suggestions for helping my blocky soil are starting to work. Plant roots and encouraging life in the soil are the ones doing the work. New questions I have are never a nuisance and always get a quick response with helpful ideas.”

Graham Macklin (Okehampton):

“Luppo Diepenbroek’ consultancy and mentorship has been very beneficial to the operation and strategic vision of our farm. His support is fantastic with unwavering integrity.”

Martin Hurford (Honiton):

“I’ve used Luppo for over 5 years – he has helped reduce our cost of production
– through better grass utilisation and simplifying our winter feeding”


Oliver Walker (Witheridge):

“I’ve never know a consultant so keen on taking his spade everywhere. That said, without a doubt, Luppo has helped us make some important on farm decisions and helped us gain knowledge and add value to our business.”


Ian Horsley (Crediton):

“Luppo’s enthusiasm and knowledge of grass, grazing techniques, ruminant nutrition is second to none. My regular contact with him through the AHDB SW Grazing Club, has been of huge benefit to me in exploring and developing the use of grass efficiently within our flock. Silage quality has improved, feed costs reduced, and grazing management is improving the swards.”


Joe Vernon (Wadebridge):

“Luppo has provided pragmatic and novel solutions to help me build a pasture based dairy farm. I have been extremely impressed with all of the farms that have used Luppo as a consultant and always look forward to being challenged by him at his discussion group meetings.”

Rob Taverner (Exeter)

“We have worked with Luppo in a group and individual basis for a number of years. His nutritional advice has always been spot on and allowed our cows to be fed efficiently and maximise profit. In addition he is a great advocate for low cost / high profit systems which has benefitted our business hugely. In farmer groups he is always very organised and facilitates in a professional way to allow maximum learning for all the farmers involved.”

Professional references:

Dr Julia Wright:

“If I were a farmer seeking cutting edge, practical, ecological and cost-effective advice, I’d go to Luppo.”

Senior Research Fellow, Agroecological Futures

Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience

Coventry University

Ryton Organic Gardens

Wolston Lane, Coventry

Warwickshire CV8 3LG



“Independent, committed, straight-talking, science-based advice from a gentleman”