Services offered by Luppo Diepenbroek:

  • Full Nutrition Services from Field to Fork
  • Optimising Grassland Production and Utilisation
  • Enhancing Soil fertility by increasing Soil Organic Matter and Drought proofing Grassland.
  • Optimising Forage production and contribution into ruminat diets, where only Forage is allowed to be fed.
  • Organic Ruminants catered for.
  • Full Housing Nutrition Service, as in Forage sampling, Virtual monitoring of Records, Production, Quality, Growth and Fertility Optimisation.
  • Management Services: as in Change Management Projects, i.e. Changing Calving Pattern, Making Better Use of Forage, Reducing Bought in Feed Costs, Reducing Feed and Forage Costs, Increasing Profits.

Grassland and Soil Guide Books:

Can Buy Multiple books of one or both, packaging cost remains the same up to 5 books, after that the break off is every 10 books..

Grassland signals

Practical guide for getting the most out of grassland

Buy Grassland Signals

Soil Signals

A  practical guide to a fertile soil

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Consultancy Services

Practical on-farm consultancy.