Feed Price Comparison

Spring Compound Feed Comparison

A Customers requested compound feed quotations from 4 different suppliers to be fed out at grass, he requested a full breakdown of each and on entering all feeds into a database. The following was reported:

(Compared to Wheatfeed, which makes up a large % in most compound feed rations)

From above:

No feed even achieved, let alone exceeded declared protein content.

Difference in Cost prices (Prices relating to ingredient cost at that time) varies £10/t, but selling prices vary up to £24/t.

Lowest Priced feed is not worst feed but best value for money as Cost per unit Energy (MJ of ME).

Energy content of feeds barely better than best quality Silage at 12.59 MJ, whereas worst about same as average silage 11.01 MJ of ME.

Take home message:

Before buying feeds request full guaranteed ingredient breakdown, or have feed analysed to ensure they meet specification requested.